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     Rags is a fluffy Ragdoll cat with the easiest demeanor in the world.  Charlotte adopted him from an animal rescuer in Providence, Ohio.   He has rabbit-like fur, marred by one brown spot near the tail.  More often than not, Rags thinks he’s a dog.  He loves to walk on a leash.  He can also be like any other cat, lazy and empirical—a lap cat.  Like a ragdoll, he might go limp in one’s arms or drape himself across the shoulders of whoever will have him.  However, Rags is a bit of a scaredy-cat. He was attacked as a kitten by a bully of an alley cat, which is why he has the brown patch on his rump.  He was taken in by the local animal rescuer who then placed him in Charlotte’s care.  Of special note... Rags loves theater.  He adores going to rehearsals and meows loudly when people are singing.  Charlotte’s pretty sure he’s a tenor.

Rags, the ragdoll cat.

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ragdoll cat

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