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Picture of Rags.


Picture of Rags.

TOMORROW is the release date for FUDGING THE BOOKS!  I’m so excited and exhausted, too. Why? Because I’ve just turned in edits for FOR CHEDDAR OR WORSE, (Cheese Shop #7, which comes out in February), and I turned in a new manuscript for Cookbook Nook Mystery #5, GRILLING THE SUBJECT.

I hope you’ll purchase a copy of FUDGING THE BOOKS or ask your librarian for it, and most of all, I hope you’ll put up a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  The algorithms driven by reviews seem to really matter! If nothing else, please add it to your “wish list” online. That helps, too.

fudging the books cover.

By the way, ALSO TOMORROW, I’ll be having a virtual party, starting at 4:30 PDT. Come join the fun!  There will be a virtual bartender on hand. I’ve posted the bar menu on my Facebook page!  Yum!  At the party, there will be an AMA segment – ask me anything—PLUS some fun prizes, including some of my fellow authors' books! Let me know when you arrive!

Can’t see me at a book signing or conference or virtual party?  Well, I’ve been posting video Q&As using questions posed by my fans. You’ll find them on my Facebook Author page as well as on my Youtube channel. Click here to check them out. There are about 20. Enjoy!


Flintridge Books, La Cañada, CA – August 6, 7:00 p.m.
Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA – August 22, 2:00 p.m.
Burbank Library, Burbank, CA – September 26, 3:30 p.m.

Also Iíve got a blog tour going. Donít miss those events. Plus Iíll be interviewed on Suspense Radio this coming Saturday. Check my calendar to see more details.


On my Facebook page, I’ve been posting a bunch of fun memes. What is a meme? From the Internet definition: “a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.” Now I can’t say mine are going viral, but they’re fun, so enjoy if you see them and feel free to share! It might be your way of helping me get the word out about my books while giving someone a laugh or an “aww” moment! There are a few with Sparky, my darling goldendoodle pup!

picture of Sparky.


Recipes for FUDGING THE BOOKS include: Pirate Booty Fudge, Irish cream pie, Coco’s Chocolate Cookies, and more. HOWEVER, I forgot to include one, and I’ve already had a fan clamoring for it. Why? Because she read this excerpt from Chapter 1:

Chocolate. Is there anything not to like—excuse me, love—about chocolate? And it’s National Chocolate Month, which means I can focus The Cookbook Nook’s theme on chocolate. Heaven. I plucked a homemade chocolate-cherry bonbon from a bowl sitting on the sales counter and popped it into my mouth, relishing the burst of flavor. Yum! Definitely not poison.

Yes, Anne V, this is for you!

Picture of recipe.
Chocolate Cherry Bonbons


WINNER of the grand prize is: r**rej***2@a**.net
If this is you, click here to contact me from this address.

Runner-ups who will receive a choice of any one of my books are: dj***5@hot*****.com
If one of these is you, click here to contact me from this address.

Librarian winner
Readers, I asked you to tell your librarians that I was giving away a complete set of my books. Many chimed in!! I will be contacting the winner via the email already provided.

librarian giveaway picture.
FUDGING THE BOOKS, the 4th Cookbook Nook Mystery, will debut August 4th.
Picture of Fudging the Books.

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Mysterious Galaxy

Catch my latest trailer for FUDGING THE BOOKS here.

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