Charlotte page title.

     Charlotte Bessette is the protagonist in The Cheese Shop Mysteries.  She was raised by her first-generation French grandparents in the thriving tourist town of Providence, Ohio, situated near Amish country.  Until recently, her grandfather ran a cheese shop called Fromagerie Bessette.  However, he has decided to “retire” and is handing the shop over to Charlotte and her cousin Matthew. 

     Despite the loss of her parents, Charlotte is warm and friendly.  As a girl, she found solace in the cheese shop and learned all she could about the many products they sell.  Never straying far from home, she graduated from Ohio State University with an MBA and returned to Fromagerie Bessette to work for her grandfather.  She is an expert in all things cheese and has written articles for various food magazines and web sites that have brought the shop much needed attention.  Fromagerie Bessette has become a must-stop for people traveling in the area.

     Now in her early thirties, Charlotte is thrilled to finally be in charge of the shop. Even though she loves it the way it is, she has always thought there were ways that her grandfather could bring the shop into the modern age – creating a web site, offering artisanal cheeses, and selling cheese accompaniments like basil pesto, honey, and jams.  She also wants to sell assorted decorative items. She and her grandfather have clashed somewhat over these changes, but Charlotte is standing her ground.  She is not coy.  Girlish machinations are not her thing, though around artisanal cheesemaker Jordan Pace, some might hear her voice rise just a tad and they might see her pluck at the short hair cupping her face in a flirtatious way.

     When not watching the Food Network Channel or reading a good book, Charlotte searches for classic movies on TV.  She has seen at least fifty of the American Film Institute’s top 50 films of all time.  Her favorites, of course, are romantic comedies and Hitchcock mysteries.